Alban Hashani

Executive Director at Riinvest Institute

Alban currently serves as the Executive Director at the Riinvest Institute. He earned his undergraduate degree in Economics from Prishtina University, and further pursued postgraduate and doctoral studies in Economics at Staffordshire University in the UK. His research focus is on the economics of transition and industrial economics. Alban is actively engaged in overseeing multiple development and research projects implemented by the Riinvest Institute. Beyond his proficiency in his native Albanian language, he demonstrates fluency in both English and Serbo-Croatian. In addition, he instructs Economics within the LSE programs at Riinvest College. 

All Sessions by Alban Hashani

15:30 - 16:30
Grand Hall

Innovation - Friendly Ecosystem: Potential and Key Ingredients

Discussion will address main components and success factors in building innovation ecosystems: 1) the role of government (national and local level) and policy making with specific reflections on smart specialization strategies; 2) importance of developing and supporting R&D and in particular fostering entrepreneurial mindset and technology transfer modalities; 3) start up support organizations and their tailored services to fit context and local ecosystem needs; 4) nurturing start up communities and culture including collaboration with multinational corporations through open innovations as a key innovation engine.

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