Antoni Peshev

Executive Director at Economic Chamber of North Macedonia

    Antoni Peshev, born on September 12th, 1962, in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, is a distinguished figure in the realms of IT solutions, internet services, and economic advocacy.

    A graduate in electronic engineering of computer science and automation from the prestigious Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Antoni further honed his business acumen with an MBA from the School of Business Economics and Management at UACS University American College Skopje.

    In 1988, he laid the foundation of ULTRA Computing / Unet Group, which burgeoned into one of the largest IT solution and ISP providers in the Republic of N. Macedonia. His pioneering spirit led him to establish the first private Cloud System in the country.

    Antoni's dynamic career also saw him serve as a Minister in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, overseeing Planning, Civil Engineering, Telecommunications, Transportation, and Environment.

    With a remarkable track record, Antoni has been instrumental in various capacities, including founding the Macedonian Chamber of Private Capital, MASIT, and the American-Macedonian Chamber of Commerce. He also assumed significant roles in the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia and the Rotary Club Skopje.

    Currently, as the CEO of the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia, Antoni continues to be a driving force in the economic landscape, leading initiatives that contribute significantly to the nation's GDP, trade, and employment.

    His extensive involvement in international business and IT conferences, governmental negotiations, and educational initiatives underscores Antoni's commitment to advancing his homeland's economic prosperity and technological advancement.

    All Sessions by Antoni Peshev

    12:00 - 13:15
    Grand Hall

    Presentation of the Sustainable Business Environment: Regional 2023 Report

    The Report assesses the business environment in WB6 economies and Croatia using 5 main pillars: Fundamentals (macroeconomic stability and rule of law); Markets (labor, financial, and capital markets); Administration and regulations (public administration quality and efficiency); Companies (grey economy, innovation, business digitization); Economic development (equality, gender balance, green economy). Around two-thirds of the data comes from statistics, and one-third from field research, offering a comprehensive stock-take of the business environment quality from basics to innovation and green practices. The Report highlights progress in central-level reforms, crucial for local economic development policies. The findings will be presented followed by a panel discussion and insights from key speakers on top performers, successful reforms, and identified gaps in the region.

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