Boško Jakišić

Political Analyst

Born in Belgrade in 1949, where he completed his education and graduated from the Faculty of Economics. He joined "Politika" in 1972 and quickly transitioned to the Foreign Policy section of the newspaper. He spent a long time covering the Middle East and lived in Cairo for five years. He reported on numerous international events and attended various important gatherings around the world. He conducted interviews with dozens of presidents, prime ministers, and other prominent figures. He worked in Washington for a year as a fellow at The Washington Post and served as a correspondent in Rome.

Until his retirement in 2014, after a full 40 years at "Politika," he was the editor of the Foreign Policy section. As a columnist, he regularly addresses both domestic and foreign policy topics. He has published a book about Israel and a collection of columns titled "Here and There." He is a frequent guest on Radio Free Europe, Deutsche Welle, BBC, Al-Jazeera, as well as on domestic and regional newspapers, radio, and TV stations. He regularly writes columns for "Politika," Sarajevo's "Oslobođenje," and Skopje's "Sloboden pečat."

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19:30 -
Sailing on the ship "Katica"

Discussion "Western Balkans in between the war in Ukraine, EU and US elections 2024" & Gala Dinner

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