Boštjan Ferk

Managing Director of the Institute for Public-Private Partnership

    Boštjan Ferk, PhD, is the Managing Director of the Institute for Public-Private Partnership, as well as one of the founders. Boštjan Ferk is also Founder and Managing Director of the company S-Procurement Ltd, who localised to Slovenia one of the top 3 global platforms for public procurement (according to Gartner), powered by Vortal. He is also Assistant Professor for public administration at New University Ljubljana. As Managing Director of the Institute for Public-Private Partnership from 2008 he is involved in different projects, dealing mainly with public procurement and public-private partnerships (PPP). Within the Institute for public-private partnership he is yearly assisting approx. 40 contracting authorities in approx. 100 public procurement and public-private partnership procedures. In last period he is focusing in PPP projects related to energy efficiency: he is assisting contracting authorities with different energy efficiency & EPC projects & eMobility and is holding energy related lectures on various conferences; he cooperated in ad hoc project group of the Ministry of Infrastructure for Guidelines for implementation of the measures for improvement of the energy efficiency in public buildings by principle of the energy performance contracting; he was involved in the research work for the National Report for Slovenia on topic “The Interface between Energy, Environment and Competition Rules of the European Union” for the 2012 FIDE Congress, including the issue of the security of electricity supply, resulting in international publication. Lately, he is focusing also in sustainable procurement, circular economy and LCC approach in public procurement.

    His mother tongue is Slovenian; he speaks and writes English fluently and speaks also German and Serbian.

    He is the author of two legal monographs and several articles dealing mainly with the public-private partnerships, public procurement and the cooperation between the public and private sector.

    Boštjan Ferk is on the list of domestic (Slovenian) arbitrators at the Permanent Court of Arbitration attached to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. His work includes cooperation with numerous organizations dedicated to the development and recognition of public-private partnerships. He is a member of the PPP Development Center at the International Council of the Russian Federation.

    All Sessions by Boštjan Ferk

    09:30 - 10:45
    Grand Hall

    Value for (Public) Money: Green and Socially - Responsible Procurement

    Budget spending via public procurement has enormous potential for positive impact on environment protection, climate change and social inclusion, as well as a potential to encourage companies to introduce sustainable and socially responsible policies and practice. Panel will focus on trends and practices in introducing green and social elements as criteria to award contracts, showcasing good examples, examining the challenges and learning from the EU Member States- with the goal of making public money greener and more socially responsible.

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