Daniel Bronkal

Country Director at Caritas Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Daniel Bronkal boasts a remarkable 25-year career as an International Program Manager, marked by a relentless commitment to driving positive change. Currently situated in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, he has excelled in orchestrating and executing international projects centered on sustainable development across diverse nations. Daniel's expertise encompasses Economic and Market Systems Development, Local Governance, and adeptly securing and implementing projects from both, local and international donors.

    His leadership prowess extends to establishing enduring relationships with stakeholders at all echelons, as well as cultivating highly effective teams, both domestically and abroad. Daniel brings a wealth of skills including project management, diplomacy, advocacy, and astute financial planning. Proficient in both English and German, he seamlessly facilitates cross-functional collaboration.

    Throughout his illustrious career, Daniel has occupied pivotal roles such as Regional Director for the Western Balkans and Country Director for Bosnia & Herzegovina at Caritas Switzerland. He also served as Country Representative for Sri Lanka at Solidar Suisse, leaving an indelible mark at prominent organizations like Deutsche Welthungerhilfe and HELP – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V.

    Daniel's educational background is equally impressive, culminating in an MBA in General Management from Steinbeis University of Applied Sciences of Berlin, bolstered by an MS in Civil Engineering from HTW-Dresden (FH) - University of Applied Sciences and Nottingham Trent University. His executive profile illuminates an agile leader and collaborator, adept at crafting and executing effective strategies across diverse functional and international teams.

    All Sessions by Daniel Bronkal

    09:30 - 10:45
    Grand Hall

    Value for (Public) Money: Green and Socially - Responsible Procurement

    Budget spending via public procurement has enormous potential for positive impact on environment protection, climate change and social inclusion, as well as a potential to encourage companies to introduce sustainable and socially responsible policies and practice. Panel will focus on trends and practices in introducing green and social elements as criteria to award contracts, showcasing good examples, examining the challenges and learning from the EU Member States- with the goal of making public money greener and more socially responsible.

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