Jasmina Radovanović

Head of property and investment Unit at NALED

    Jasmina graduated from the Faculty of Law, University in Belgrade, the International Law department in 2001, after completing the I Belgrade Gymnasium. As part of the second generation of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, in 2002 she specialized in European Union legislation within an international program organized in cooperation with the European University of Nancy. Early work engagement in the area of finance encouraged Jasmina to continue post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Law in the Commercial Law department, earning a Magister cum laude degree in 2005 with the thesis “Fusion of companies in Yugoslavia and the EU”. Crowning her knowledge and experience in various areas of law, she passed the national judicial exam in 2007 before the Ministry of Justice, and the bar exam in 2016 before the Belgrade Chamber of Lawyers. From 2013 to 2016 she engaged in research work for a PhD thesis in the field of commercial crimes. She attended English course in London in 2001. Parallel with professional development programs, she has been building a years-long career in the banking sector. From 2002 to 2010 she gained priceless work experience in as Legal Affairs Coordinator in Srpska Banka, moving to the position of Assistant Director in Jubmes bank in 2010, and later the Legal Affairs Director. She has been a member of NALED team since October 2017 dealing with policy reform (Law on Registration in the Real Estate and Utility Lines Cadaster, Law on Fees for Use of Public Goods, Insolvency Law, Company Law, Law on Public Procurement, Law on Litigation Procedure etc.), coordinating the activities regarding the World Bank's Doing Business report, being a part of working groups and projects (for elimination of stamps, urban and rural land consolidation, optimization of procedures, informal employment etc.) and coordinating the work of Property and Investment Alliance and BFC Club.

    All Sessions by Jasmina Radovanović

    14:30 - 15:30
    Grand Hall

    Closing the Gap(s): Unlocking the Real-Estate Potential

    The dysfunctional management of real estate is a major hindrance to our society's development. For instance, only half of Serbia's 10 million properties are registered in the cadastre and part of the regulated market. Many properties remain untapped due to inadequate spatial planning. This leads to legal uncertainties and hinders planned investments. Addressing property-related issues and reforming property management is a significant regional development opportunity, potentially unlocking billions in real estate investments and resolving numerous long-standing legal proceedings. This requires committed authorities and resource allocation, which, though not insignificant, are outweighed by the losses incurred by not addressing these issues. Sharing successful reform experiences is crucial for the region to progress and tackle longstanding problems.

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