Jovan Protić

ILO National coordinator, Serbia

Jovan Protic has been the National Coordinator of the ILO in Serbia since 2008, responsible for the representation of the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Serbia and for implementation of the ILO Decent Work Country Program for Serbia.

Prior to assuming that role Jovan has worked for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as the Project Manager in charge of the drafting of the National Sustainable Development Strategy of Serbia in 2005-2008.

Earlier in his career Jovan has worked for the ILO in 2003-2005 as the Coordinator of the Reform of the Labor Inspectorate of Serbia funded by the US Department of Labor, and for the UNDP as the Project Manager of the Capacity building of the Ministry of Labor and Employment of Serbia in 2002-2003.

He started his career at the Agency for Public Administration Development under the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Serbia in 2001.

Jovan holds two BA Degrees (BA in Economics from the University of Belgrade and BSc in Politics & International Relations from the University of London) and two MA degrees (in Economics of European Union from the College of Europe, Bruges/Belgium, and in Law and Economics, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade), as well as a PhD in Labor Law from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade.

He speaks fluently English and French and uses occasionally German language.

All Sessions by Jovan Protić

11:15 - 12:30
Grand Hall

ESGs in Focus: Impact on WB6 businesses and steps forward

What does ESG-related set of EU regulations, appropriate EU Member State regulations, CBAM- mean for the businesses in the Western Balkans? What is the foreseen impact in terms of access to finance and investment funds, as well as remaining in global value chains? What are the actions to be taken and how best to make the region up to speed and help companies and agencies understand, assess, measure and comply with ESG criteria? Those are some of the key questions to be addressed by the panelists, in a format allowing for regional exchange and lessons learning.

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