Koča Đurišić

Director at Cadastre and State Property Administration at Government of Montenegro

In 2021, the Government of Montenegro appointed Koča Đurišić as the Director of the Administration for Cadastre and State Property.

Koča Đurišić graduated in law from the University of Montenegro. He obtained a diploma from the ElSINE School for Future Leaders, achieving successful results as a law faculty debater with numerous awards from national and regional debate competitions, and acquiring key skills for human resources management.

He gained work experience as an assistant at the faculty, in a law firm, in non-governmental organizations, and in the Parliament of Montenegro. In the position of Secretary of the Secretariat for Urbanism, Construction, and Spatial Planning in the Municipality of Kotor, he contributed to spatial planning activities and made a significant contribution to the development of the spatial plan of the Municipality of Kotor, being engaged in the municipal team for providing suggestions and controlling the draft spatial plan of the Municipality of Kotor, as well as representing the Municipality of Kotor in the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism. He also demonstrated his knowledge and skills in the city planning council of Kotor.

As the Director of the Administration for Cadastre and State Property, he was appointed as a member of numerous Interdepartmental Working Groups, Councils, Commissions, and Operational Teams in the field of drafting the spatial plan of Montenegro, drafting the Draft Law on International Restrictive Measures, negotiations for Montenegro's accession to the European Union in the area of EU acquis negotiation Chapter 24 - Justice, Freedom, and Security, operational team for resolving open issues under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare in the implementation of the cable car project Kotor- Lovćen, investments in the energy sector in Elektroprivreda Crne Gore AD Nikšić, assessment of the value of state-owned real estate, assessment of the value of real estate in expropriation proceedings for the territory of the central and southern regions of Montenegro, as well as in other areas where he has provided and continues to provide his contribution, primarily in the interest of the rule of law principle and the implementation of that principle in positive legislation, as well as the issues and challenges in Montenegro's accession process to the European Union.

He was born on January 14, 1988 in Podgorica, where he currently resides.

All Sessions by Koča Đurišić

14:30 - 15:30
Grand Hall

Closing the Gap(s): Unlocking the Real-Estate Potential

The dysfunctional management of real estate is a major hindrance to our society's development. For instance, only half of Serbia's 10 million properties are registered in the cadastre and part of the regulated market. Many properties remain untapped due to inadequate spatial planning. This leads to legal uncertainties and hinders planned investments. Addressing property-related issues and reforming property management is a significant regional development opportunity, potentially unlocking billions in real estate investments and resolving numerous long-standing legal proceedings. This requires committed authorities and resource allocation, which, though not insignificant, are outweighed by the losses incurred by not addressing these issues. Sharing successful reform experiences is crucial for the region to progress and tackle longstanding problems.

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