Senka Jujić

Minister of Public administration and Local self-government, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Born on May 5, 1963. in Bosanska Dubica. Graduated from the University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Law, on April 22, 1988 in Banja Luka, where she obtained the title of Bachelor of Law.

She worked in the Municipal Administration of Social Revenues, the Municipal Secretariat for Economy and Finance, and the Bosanska Dubica Police Station.

Further more she was employed In the public institution „Center for Social Work“, in Kozarska Dubica where she worked as an independent professional Associate for legal and normative affairs, as an Associate in connection with the implementation of the Law on Child Protection of the Republic of Srpska, and as Deputy director of this institution. Currently serves as the Minister for Administration and Local Self-Government in the Goverment of the Republic of Srpska.

Mother of one child, lives in Kozarska Dubica and is Bosniak by nationality.

All Sessions by Senka Jujić

10:00 - 10:45
Grand Hall

Opening Ceremony & BFC SEE Certificate Award

The BFC SEE Program is designed for cities and municipalities committed to enhancing their business environment, attracting investments, and promoting local economic growth. It offers a clear path to establish a favorable business climate and implement efficient, transparent local administration in line with good governance principles. The program assists local self-government in building and enhancing organizational capacities, developing plans, fostering private sector collaboration, and promoting transparency to reduce business barriers. At this conference, eligible cities/municipalities will receive BFC certification, and a new, IV edition of the standard will be unveiled, emphasizing sustainable and responsible business practices.

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