CORE Days 2023 Program

16:00 - 18:30

Arrival of participants / Registration

18:30 - 21:00 Hedonist Rooftop

Cocktail reception

09:30 - 10:00 Grand Hall - Hotel poolside

Welcome coffee / Registration

10:00 - 10:45 Grand Hall

Opening Ceremony & BFC SEE Certificate Award

The BFC SEE Program is designed for cities and municipalities committed to enhancing their business environment, attracting investments, and promoting local economic growth. It offers a clear path to establish a favorable business climate and implement efficient, transparent local administration in line with good governance principles. The program assists local self-government in building and enhancing organizational capacities, developing plans, fostering private sector collaboration, and promoting transparency to reduce business barriers. At this conference, eligible cities/municipalities will receive BFC certification, and a new, IV edition of the standard will be unveiled, emphasizing sustainable and responsible business practices.

Milica Sandić
Mathieu Mori
Vladimir Jokić
Senka Jujić
Nicolas Marquier
Vojin Mijatović
Violeta Jovanović
10:45 - 11:30 Grand Hall

Exclusive interview with the President of Montenegro, H.E. Jakov Milatović

Goran Svilanović
H.E. Jakov Milatović
11:30 - 12:00 Grand Hall - Hotel poolside

Coffee Break

12:00 - 13:15 Grand Hall

Presentation of the Sustainable Business Environment: Regional 2023 Report

The Report assesses the business environment in WB6 economies and Croatia using 5 main pillars: Fundamentals (macroeconomic stability and rule of law); Markets (labor, financial, and capital markets); Administration and regulations (public administration quality and efficiency); Companies (grey economy, innovation, business digitization); Economic development (equality, gender balance, green economy). Around two-thirds of the data comes from statistics, and one-third from field research, offering a comprehensive stock-take of the business environment quality from basics to innovation and green practices. The Report highlights progress in central-level reforms, crucial for local economic development policies. The findings will be presented followed by a panel discussion and insights from key speakers on top performers, successful reforms, and identified gaps in the region.

Milan Ćulibrk
Antoni Peshev
Saša Čegar
Oksana Pak
Daniel Berg
Dušan Vasiljević
13:15 - 14:30 Hotel Restaurant

Networking Lunch

14:30 - 15:30 Grand Hall

Closing the Gap(s): Unlocking the Real-Estate Potential

The dysfunctional management of real estate is a major hindrance to our society's development. For instance, only half of Serbia's 10 million properties are registered in the cadastre and part of the regulated market. Many properties remain untapped due to inadequate spatial planning. This leads to legal uncertainties and hinders planned investments. Addressing property-related issues and reforming property management is a significant regional development opportunity, potentially unlocking billions in real estate investments and resolving numerous long-standing legal proceedings. This requires committed authorities and resource allocation, which, though not insignificant, are outweighed by the losses incurred by not addressing these issues. Sharing successful reform experiences is crucial for the region to progress and tackle longstanding problems.

Koča Đurišić
Dušica Perišić
Gorana Roje
Sladjana Popović
Jasmina Radovanović
Gëzim Gjikolli
15:30 - 16:30 Grand Hall

Innovation - Friendly Ecosystem: Potential and Key Ingredients

Discussion will address main components and success factors in building innovation ecosystems: 1) the role of government (national and local level) and policy making with specific reflections on smart specialization strategies; 2) importance of developing and supporting R&D and in particular fostering entrepreneurial mindset and technology transfer modalities; 3) start up support organizations and their tailored services to fit context and local ecosystem needs; 4) nurturing start up communities and culture including collaboration with multinational corporations through open innovations as a key innovation engine.

Dušan Radivojević
Adam Strzelecki
Festim Halili
Alban Hashani
Petar Stanojević
Stephan Corvers
19:00 - 19:30 Hotel marine

Welcome drink and guests gathering (Katica Ship deck, Hotel marine)

19:30 Sailing on the ship "Katica"

Discussion "Western Balkans in between the war in Ukraine, EU and US elections 2024" & Gala Dinner

Vesna Škare-Ožbolt
Boško Jakišić
Milica Sandić
Jakov Devčić
09:00 - 09:30 Grand Hall - Hotel poolside

Welcome coffee

09:30 - 10:45 Grand Hall

Value for (Public) Money: Green and Socially - Responsible Procurement

Budget spending via public procurement has enormous potential for positive impact on environment protection, climate change and social inclusion, as well as a potential to encourage companies to introduce sustainable and socially responsible policies and practice. Panel will focus on trends and practices in introducing green and social elements as criteria to award contracts, showcasing good examples, examining the challenges and learning from the EU Member States- with the goal of making public money greener and more socially responsible.

Aleksandar Pavlićević
Daniel Bronkal
Marija Risteska
Enrica Chiozza
Dragana Marić
Boštjan Ferk
10:45 - 11:15 Grand Hall - Hotel poolside

Coffee Break

11:15 - 12:30 Grand Hall

ESGs in Focus: Impact on WB6 businesses and steps forward

What does ESG-related set of EU regulations, appropriate EU Member State regulations, CBAM- mean for the businesses in the Western Balkans? What is the foreseen impact in terms of access to finance and investment funds, as well as remaining in global value chains? What are the actions to be taken and how best to make the region up to speed and help companies and agencies understand, assess, measure and comply with ESG criteria? Those are some of the key questions to be addressed by the panelists, in a format allowing for regional exchange and lessons learning.

Jovan Protić
Vladislav Cvetković
Nora Hasani
H.E. Giles Norman
Đorđe Popović
Albana Laknori
12:30 - 12:35 Grand Hall

Farewell: Conclusion of CORE Days and Lunch

Goran Svilanović
Violeta Jovanović
12:35 - 14:00 Hotel restaurant

Farewell Lunch

  • Date : 09/10/2023 - 11/10/2023
  • Time : 17:00 - 14:00 (Europe/Belgrade)
  • Venue : Hyatt Regency Kotor Bay Resort
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